Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa, Skiing, and Skating

Jadon has jumped leaps and bounds this holiday season. He actually WANTED to see Santa Claus this year. We've skipped the Santa visit at the mall for the last couple of years because Jadon freaked out the first couple of times he went and then refused to see Santa after waiting in line his third Christmas. He did get to visit the Santa at the tree lot last year and he loved it. It was the first time he actually talked to Santa and he loved the one on one time he had with him. This year, while we were making his list (he glued pictures from the ads onto a piece of paper and then slipped it inside of an envelope) he decided that he wanted to give the letter to Santa. He was so excited to give it to Santa that he made me, Andrew, and Isabelle also make up lists so that we could all present them to Santa at the same time. Our first try at visiting Santa didn't go too well though because he went on break (45 minute break! --Andrew likes to complain about that one.) just as we got into line. I had to get to a test for one of my classes, so we had to leave and explain to him that we would come back later. He didn't like that idea much. The second time coming back was a horribly long wait but our kids were pretty good for the most part and they did great with Santa. Isabelle wasn't sure what was going on but she let Santa hold her and take some pictures. Jadon had a great discussion with Santa, where Santa told him to listen to mommy and daddy so that he would get some toys for Christmas. It worked wonderfully immediately afterward when we needed to leave and get some dinner but Jadon wanted to ride the train. He began to whine and all Andrew had to say was, "What did Santa say?" And Jadon went completely silent and sat down peacefully in the stroller.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Signing Love

I don't think it's too big of a surprise for most of our friends and family to know that we are teaching sign language to Isabelle. We taught it to Jadon when he was younger and it has been a life saver so we're continuing to teach it to Isabelle. Even though we've been doing this for years, we still encounter weird or confusing looks from some people whenever we tell them that we're teaching Isabelle sign language. So why sign language?

I think everyone has heard about the wonderful stage of parenting known as the "terrible twos." This is usually the time when kids will go through many tantrums. Tantrums usually occur because a child gets frustrated from not being able to communicate what they want or how they feel to the parent. Sign language helps to reduce the terrible-ness of the terrible twos by giving the child a way to communicate what they can't yet say. Little kids are much better with their hands than they are with their speech and teaching them sign language gives them the chance to communicate much earlier on than they normally would with vocal speech alone.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Summing Up Summer

Summer is officially over (and has been for a little while now). It's sad to feel autumn in the air and to realize that the summer weather will be gone very soon. As exciting as it is to think about all that comes with colder weather (Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.), you can't help but wish summer would stay for awhile longer.

This has been our first summer at our new house and it's definitely been a fun one. We went swimming a numerous amount of times in the beginning of the summer at the neighborhood pool. It's a nice pool not too far away from our house that's great for little kids because of their water squirters and large shallow area. Isabelle is a lot like Jadon when he was younger because she loves the water too. She loved playing with all the squirters and splashing everyone like crazy.

This year, we finally put Jadon in swimming lessons. We've been wanting him to do it for awhile now, but finally were able to for the last session of the season. It was his first set of lessons of any kind and didn't go too well at first. He refused to get in the water for the first 2 lessons, but absolutely loved it when he finally got in. He didn't learn anything (seriously such a waste of money) but he enjoyed it and it was his first taste of group lessons. We'll probably put him in some private lessons at some point so he will actually pay attention and the teacher can then focus on him alone. We want both the kiddies to learn to swim when they're younger for safety purposes so we'll definitely be better about starting Isabelle earlier too. Side note: Andrew thinks it's hilarious that I'm a "good" swimmer compared to the rest of my family (with the exception of a couple New Yorkers...) and that's not even saying much, because he likes to tell everyone I almost drowned him on our honeymoon. For the record, I'm pretty sure I can swim to save my life.

Friday, September 17, 2010

September... Really?

So I suck at blogging... I've been meaning to update this thing for awhile now, but never got around to it. Andrew even said he would blog and had me add him as a writer. Obviously that never happened... He said he may blog at some point, but we'll see how that goes.

I just looked at my calendar and saw that the date is September 17th. Wow. I feel like September just barely started. Let's go over what we've been up to this past month or so:

Andrew is consumed. Is it work, you ask? Maybe. But what I'm really talking about is StarCraft 2. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then maybe that's a good thing. The original StarCraft came out around 10 years ago. Apparently people were still playing it when this second one came out. Now that's loyalty. Andrew got the game along with a bunch of his friends and they've been playing it pretty much nonstop. We even hosted a LAN party catered directly to playing StarCraft 2. *geeks...*

Other than gaming, Andrew's been working away in our home office and enjoying the fact that he rolls out of bed literally 2 minutes before he needs to do his daily phone meeting. It's definitely a perk for all of us. Andrew doesn't waste his time commuting and he gets to see me and the kids throughout the day.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome to August

August is finally here and I can't believe that the summer is almost over. I feel like it's just begun.

IsaJay is open for business finally. I've been working on it all summer long and I'm glad I finally finished up. But then school is starting soon, so I'm starting to have anxiety attacks all over again when I think about all the things I need to get done once school starts.

Jadon has one more week left of swimming lessons. He finally adjusted to it and enjoys playing in the water with his friends, but it'll be over soon. His school's orientation is coming up and then he'll begin his last year of preschool. Let's hope he adjusts easily to that. I can't believe he's almost ready for Kindergarten. He's definitely growing up.

Isabelle is also growing up so fast! She still isn't walking yet or standing by herself, but she is showing lots more interest in walking while holding our hands. She has stood up by herself for a few seconds here and there, but doesn't do it much. She also is signing like crazy! She learned the sign for "no" today while also saying "no" at the same time.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Spending the day with Thomas

We took the kiddies to the "Day Out With Thomas" event this year. It was our first time going and definitely a memorable thing for Jadon to do since he is so train obsessed.

So basically, they had a real life Thomas train there that pulled some passenger cars you could ride on and a little mini Thomas fair. When we first got there, we went and bought some tickets and wondered a little bit before waiting to board. I swear all the kids there were having a magical experience as they watched Thomas come back to the station. Annie and Clarabelle (the cars Thomas normally pulls) weren't there since he was just "visiting," so that was kind of a disappointment, but Jadon definitely didn't care. We boarded the train and they had a Thomas CD playing that had songs and trivia on it. Jadon, of course, recognized the songs and it was a nice touch to an otherwise boring ride.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Calculus 2???

For the newbies, you may be wondering what I mean under my blog title when it says, "it all started in calculus 2..." Well, that's a fun story of how Andrew and I met.

Here goes:

Plans changed and I ended up having to take Calculus 2 in the summer semester, instead of the spring semester. It was my second semester in college. This is where I met Andrew. He was taking Calculus 2 because he decided to take on a double major and ended up needing it after all. (He was almost done with his Economics degree when he realized he LOVED Computer Science, so he decided to do a double major.) Andrew was the kid who was always late to class and comes in, takes out his laptop, and sits there. I mean, who uses a laptop to take notes in Math? Anyway, he was the funny one who had a Tomb Raider screen saver, which he'll never live down.

One day, I was walking to my car after class and Andrew passed me as I stopped to talk to someone. Then, I passed him when he stopped to do who knows what. He then caught up with me and asked me if I was in the same class as him. "Uh, yeah..." Nice opening line, huh?

Andrew: Do you have a study buddy?
Simone: No...
Andrew: Do you want one?
Simone: Sure...

And there's where it all started. So whenever anyone asks us where we met we can tell them we met in a very cliche way. It was almost love at first sight.

Let's try this again...

Hi everyone. Here we are blog hopping again... For those who have kept up with us, thank you so much! We've had some (not so much) fun trying out different hosts and such, but I guess Blogger has ultimately sucked us in. Darn Blogger! *fist shakes* We'll see how long this lasts... Lol. Pessimism at its best.