Sunday, May 30, 2010

Calculus 2???

For the newbies, you may be wondering what I mean under my blog title when it says, "it all started in calculus 2..." Well, that's a fun story of how Andrew and I met.

Here goes:

Plans changed and I ended up having to take Calculus 2 in the summer semester, instead of the spring semester. It was my second semester in college. This is where I met Andrew. He was taking Calculus 2 because he decided to take on a double major and ended up needing it after all. (He was almost done with his Economics degree when he realized he LOVED Computer Science, so he decided to do a double major.) Andrew was the kid who was always late to class and comes in, takes out his laptop, and sits there. I mean, who uses a laptop to take notes in Math? Anyway, he was the funny one who had a Tomb Raider screen saver, which he'll never live down.

One day, I was walking to my car after class and Andrew passed me as I stopped to talk to someone. Then, I passed him when he stopped to do who knows what. He then caught up with me and asked me if I was in the same class as him. "Uh, yeah..." Nice opening line, huh?

Andrew: Do you have a study buddy?
Simone: No...
Andrew: Do you want one?
Simone: Sure...

And there's where it all started. So whenever anyone asks us where we met we can tell them we met in a very cliche way. It was almost love at first sight.

Let's try this again...

Hi everyone. Here we are blog hopping again... For those who have kept up with us, thank you so much! We've had some (not so much) fun trying out different hosts and such, but I guess Blogger has ultimately sucked us in. Darn Blogger! *fist shakes* We'll see how long this lasts... Lol. Pessimism at its best.