Sunday, May 30, 2010

Calculus 2???

For the newbies, you may be wondering what I mean under my blog title when it says, "it all started in calculus 2..." Well, that's a fun story of how Andrew and I met.

Here goes:

Plans changed and I ended up having to take Calculus 2 in the summer semester, instead of the spring semester. It was my second semester in college. This is where I met Andrew. He was taking Calculus 2 because he decided to take on a double major and ended up needing it after all. (He was almost done with his Economics degree when he realized he LOVED Computer Science, so he decided to do a double major.) Andrew was the kid who was always late to class and comes in, takes out his laptop, and sits there. I mean, who uses a laptop to take notes in Math? Anyway, he was the funny one who had a Tomb Raider screen saver, which he'll never live down.

One day, I was walking to my car after class and Andrew passed me as I stopped to talk to someone. Then, I passed him when he stopped to do who knows what. He then caught up with me and asked me if I was in the same class as him. "Uh, yeah..." Nice opening line, huh?

Andrew: Do you have a study buddy?
Simone: No...
Andrew: Do you want one?
Simone: Sure...

And there's where it all started. So whenever anyone asks us where we met we can tell them we met in a very cliche way. It was almost love at first sight.
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