Monday, June 7, 2010

Spending the day with Thomas

We took the kiddies to the "Day Out With Thomas" event this year. It was our first time going and definitely a memorable thing for Jadon to do since he is so train obsessed.

So basically, they had a real life Thomas train there that pulled some passenger cars you could ride on and a little mini Thomas fair. When we first got there, we went and bought some tickets and wondered a little bit before waiting to board. I swear all the kids there were having a magical experience as they watched Thomas come back to the station. Annie and Clarabelle (the cars Thomas normally pulls) weren't there since he was just "visiting," so that was kind of a disappointment, but Jadon definitely didn't care. We boarded the train and they had a Thomas CD playing that had songs and trivia on it. Jadon, of course, recognized the songs and it was a nice touch to an otherwise boring ride.