Friday, September 17, 2010

September... Really?

So I suck at blogging... I've been meaning to update this thing for awhile now, but never got around to it. Andrew even said he would blog and had me add him as a writer. Obviously that never happened... He said he may blog at some point, but we'll see how that goes.

I just looked at my calendar and saw that the date is September 17th. Wow. I feel like September just barely started. Let's go over what we've been up to this past month or so:

Andrew is consumed. Is it work, you ask? Maybe. But what I'm really talking about is StarCraft 2. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then maybe that's a good thing. The original StarCraft came out around 10 years ago. Apparently people were still playing it when this second one came out. Now that's loyalty. Andrew got the game along with a bunch of his friends and they've been playing it pretty much nonstop. We even hosted a LAN party catered directly to playing StarCraft 2. *geeks...*

Other than gaming, Andrew's been working away in our home office and enjoying the fact that he rolls out of bed literally 2 minutes before he needs to do his daily phone meeting. It's definitely a perk for all of us. Andrew doesn't waste his time commuting and he gets to see me and the kids throughout the day.

What's Jadon up to? Well, he's adjusted really well to the new year in preschool and is really loving his teacher. His teacher called me the other day to give me an update on how he was doing. Apparently, he's very good at listening and minding her. He makes sure all the kids are doing what they should be doing, like playing with the toys correctly. He's really good at using scissors and his fine motor skills are amazing. He doesn't play with many of the kids, but he does enjoy playing with a girl named Shavon. (No idea if I spelled that right...) Of course. He loves all the girlies. I'm glad he's adjusted so well. He freaked out a little the first day, but he's been great ever since.

Isabelle is still NOT walking and isn't really too interested in it. She wants to be down more often and hold our hands to walk, but still doesn't like to stand by herself. We did trick her into walking at Toys "r" Us once (she held onto a push ball popper and walked while pushing it) and she's taken a few steps by herself a few times, but she isn't consistently doing it. Even though she hasn't developed too much there, she has been amazing at signing. She's really good with animals (we have animal flashcards so that's probably why) and she's really catching on fast to new signs every day. Sure, they may all look the same, but she does them consistently. She's also started pointing to her diaper when it needs to be changed. Andrew said yesterday that, "She's our reward after having to deal with Jadon." It was so sad, but so true. She's been an exceptionally easy child minus the first few months with sleeping.

As for me, I started school with 3 courses which is more than I have been taking in previous semesters. I should only have this semester and next semester left and then I'll be done! I'm continually doing IsaJay promotions and giveaways so definitely look to my Facebook page for them if you're interested.

I also signed up for Swagbucks recently. I have several friends who do this so I thought I'd try it out. Basically it's a search engine that gives you points randomly for searching for stuff. I don't really rely on it too much, but it's been fun earning points so far. You can redeem the points a their Swagbucks store for a bunch of different things. If you're interested, sign up with my referral link here or look to the bottom of the blog for the Swagbucks widget.

We're all gearing up for the colder weather now, but we've had lots of fun this past summer. I'll fill you all in later...
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