Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa, Skiing, and Skating

Jadon has jumped leaps and bounds this holiday season. He actually WANTED to see Santa Claus this year. We've skipped the Santa visit at the mall for the last couple of years because Jadon freaked out the first couple of times he went and then refused to see Santa after waiting in line his third Christmas. He did get to visit the Santa at the tree lot last year and he loved it. It was the first time he actually talked to Santa and he loved the one on one time he had with him. This year, while we were making his list (he glued pictures from the ads onto a piece of paper and then slipped it inside of an envelope) he decided that he wanted to give the letter to Santa. He was so excited to give it to Santa that he made me, Andrew, and Isabelle also make up lists so that we could all present them to Santa at the same time. Our first try at visiting Santa didn't go too well though because he went on break (45 minute break! --Andrew likes to complain about that one.) just as we got into line. I had to get to a test for one of my classes, so we had to leave and explain to him that we would come back later. He didn't like that idea much. The second time coming back was a horribly long wait but our kids were pretty good for the most part and they did great with Santa. Isabelle wasn't sure what was going on but she let Santa hold her and take some pictures. Jadon had a great discussion with Santa, where Santa told him to listen to mommy and daddy so that he would get some toys for Christmas. It worked wonderfully immediately afterward when we needed to leave and get some dinner but Jadon wanted to ride the train. He began to whine and all Andrew had to say was, "What did Santa say?" And Jadon went completely silent and sat down peacefully in the stroller.