Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Signing Love

So whenever anyone asks us what signs Isabelle knows, we always draw a complete blank. Usually the conversation goes like this:

Us: "Yeah, Isabelle signs and talks a ton now."
Them: "That's cool. What does she sign and/or say?"
Us: "Uh...."

I have no idea why it's so hard for us to remember, but we always seem to forget all that she knows whenever someone prompts the question so I figured I should keep track of her vocabulary at some point. That way, I can look back to remember how far she's progressed. Even with Jadon, whenever we tried to count the signs he knew we'd get to maybe 20 and then a long while later we'd realize that we completely left out large categories of signs.

With Jadon, we never used many aids only because I thought that they were unnecessary and I didn't want to spend the money on them at the time. I bought a couple of signing books to learn what I wanted to learn and then I proceeded to teach Jadon. Obviously, if you want to teach your child sign language, you have to keep consistent and continually use the signs. It's hard though when you have to learn them first and then teach them to your child. Anyway, we ended up buying the Baby Signing Time DVD and CD series because it was featured on (My love for that site is enough for another post...) We figured it was a good price and that we'd use it so we couldn't really pass it up. Well, my attitude toward aids has definitely changed. Sure, aids aren't necessary but they are definitely nice. Isabelle has learned signs from watching these DVDs that I haven't been teaching her. I pick several signs at a time that are most relevant for the moment to teach her, but she's somehow amazingly picked up signs that I never reinforced. I also took out some flash cards that I bought before she was born to teach her once I thought she was ready and she picked up those really quickly too. They're animal flash cards from Sign Babies. She loves animals so it was the perfect choice for her and she loves going through them.

Isabelle loves Baby Signing Time. She used to sign 'baby' every time she woke up from sleeping because she wanted to watch it. We've since then bought some more Signing Time DVDs and some more flash cards to teach her and Jadon some new signs. We'll see if we continue to buy more signing stuff, but it's definitely nice to see how much we've all picked up. It is American Sign Language after all, so it's nice to have the basics of another language down if we ever need it.

So here's a list of signs that Isabelle for sure knows and signs when asked:

Eat - Drink - Cracker - Water - Cereal - Milk - Banana - Juice - Finished - Mom - Dad - More - Bird - Fish - Cat - Dog - Horse - Frog - Hurt - Shoes - Socks - Hat - Coat - Please - Thank You - Sorry - Car - Train - Bus - Bike - Airplane - Boat - Ball - Doll - Bear - Wash Hands - Soap - Water - Sleep - Bath - Brush Teeth - Books - Blanket - Outside - Wind - Rain - Snow - Sun - Cloud - Tree - Grass - Flower - Leaf - Stop - Again - Go - Bug - Star - Moon - Nice - Feel - Happy - Laugh - Sad - Cry - Hot - Cold - Yes - No - Me - You - Dirty - Clean - Apple - Pear - Carrot - Peach - Juice - Bubble - Balloon - Telephone - Music - Your Turn - My Turn - Read - Thirsty - House - Home - Brother - Uncle - Aunt - Cousin - Boots - Gloves - Feelings - Grumpy - Surprise - Silly - Excited - Colors - Red - Blue - Rainbow - Strawberry - Pear - Peach - Grapes - Beans - Baby - Time - Turtle - Cow - Squirrel - Lion - Butterfly -Tiger - Kangaroo - Mouse - Alligator - Sheep - Elephant - Spider - Giraffe - Rabbit - Pig - Monkey - Snake

Not sure if this list is complete, but it's a good overview of everything that Isabelle knows how to sign back at this point. We're still working on colors and we'll move over to the alphabet at some point when she's ready since it's one of the DVDs we have.
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