Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Library Love

Andrew and I have started taking the kids to the library on a weekly basis. It's amazing that it took us this long to finally start taking them there considering how much they both like to read. Isabelle used to read one book at bedtime which was usually Goodnight Moon but then she got bored of it so we switched to Goodnight Gorilla. We initially tried to establish these as bedtime books only while we were trying to set up a bedtime routine for her. When she was finally a good sleeper, Andrew started to stray away from the typical bedtime books and introduced other books to her at bedtime. Well, soon after she wanted to read every book possible before bedtime so now there are always a bunch of books that are in our little reading nook.

We used to take them to Barnes & Noble a lot on the weekends to get new books so I think that's why we never thought seriously about taking them to the library. The library ceased to exist in our minds since Andrew hasn't been to a library for recreation since his early college years and I haven't been since my little incident with unnecessarily due fines in high school. (For the record, I have a little problem with the fines on my card and so I stopped using my library card to avoid having to pay the fines. It all resulted from my already paying the overdue fines when I went back once to return the books and then being charged another overdue fine even though I had returned the books on time. It's all really silly now, but I was a poor high school student before and it's really the principal of the matter for me.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sundance 2011: Reagan

We had the awesome privilege to attend a Sundance film this year with the Sabins. They purchase the locals only passes every year and are kind enough to offer up a chance for us to join them. In previous years, we never get back to them in time to actually get a ticket so we miss out. Last year, we were able to go see Skateland with them which I think is the first time Andrew and I have ever been to a Sundance film together. Andrew's not too interested in seeing indie films so I usually have to beg him to take a look at the film options with me which makes it difficult to decide on a film.

This year, I went through all of our prospects and picked out the ones I was most interested in seeing. Andrew ranked them and we gave our list to the Sabins. We ended up getting our first pick which was Reagan. Our overall view of the film was a good one. It was a very well done documentary that portrayed Reagan as a man and as a politician. It was very unbiased and I liked how it presented everything without trying to sway you to one way of thinking. The best part of the film for both of us, I think, was the parts that included Reagan's son speaking about his dad. It definitely added a very personal feeling to the whole film and an inside look into his son's feelings on his father's life. I didn't know much about Reagan before watching this and I definitely think this is a good watch for those interested in learning more about this president. Even Andrew, who is a bit of a history nut, learned some new things about Reagan and his presidency.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Farewell January

January was not kind to me this year. I had two colds that kept me reaching for a box of Kleenex for most of the month. I've gotten used to sleeping with my mouth open when I sleep to breath and having Simone hit me at night to try and get me to stop snoring. My snoring was even bad enough to drive our clingy little boy from our bed to sleep in his own room. Okay, not really -- but he is sleeping in his own bed. This was really no small feat. We've been trying to move Jadon to his own room for years. Whenever he would make some progress, he always seemed to regress immediately and come crying downstairs to tell us that his room was "spooky" and he needed to sleep in our room. But now, as I write this I believe he is sleeping in his own room and I must admit that something good did come from January.