Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Farewell January

January was not kind to me this year. I had two colds that kept me reaching for a box of Kleenex for most of the month. I've gotten used to sleeping with my mouth open when I sleep to breath and having Simone hit me at night to try and get me to stop snoring. My snoring was even bad enough to drive our clingy little boy from our bed to sleep in his own room. Okay, not really -- but he is sleeping in his own bed. This was really no small feat. We've been trying to move Jadon to his own room for years. Whenever he would make some progress, he always seemed to regress immediately and come crying downstairs to tell us that his room was "spooky" and he needed to sleep in our room. But now, as I write this I believe he is sleeping in his own room and I must admit that something good did come from January.
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  1. HAH! I hit Steve too when he snores too loudly.

    It's violent and unfair, but it's the only thing that works...

  2. Drew, It's not the cold's fault that you are weak.

  3. Yeah, I hit Andrew all the time to make him stop snoring. It's the only that works and he actually doesn't even know I'm doing it most of the time. Lol. And yes, he is weak but he said "whatever."