Sunday, March 27, 2011

Disney World 2011: Day 1

So our first night in Disney World didn't go as smoothly as we thought it was going to go. I also forgot to mention that we had the lovely privilege of sharing a van to our room with a super cranky and mean guy just wanting to pick a fight over stupid things. Not pleasant at all since it was just us and him. Our resort is so huge that the Disney Magical Express shuttle from the airport took us to check-in and then a smaller van took us to our room. We had a really nice bellhop who drove us and took our bags to our room, but it was probably not so fun for him to have to deal with this guy.

Our first day in Disney World was to be spent in the Magic Kingdom. Obviously, since we got in so late the night before, we weren't going to be able to make it there as early as we had hoped. We ended up waking up at 10 AM or so and got ready to go. Since we got in so late the night before, we weren't able to see much of what was around our hotel room. This is what we discovered upon waking up and looking out the door. Immediately across from us was a little beach along the lake that the whole resort is built around and to the left one was one of the many little pools they have around the resort. The main building called "Port Royale" with the food and the main pool was a little walk away. We opted to stay in a "preferred room" so that we would be closer to the main building. All of the buildings around the lake are named after an island and have a slightly different color scheme. We were in "Trinidad North" and were lucky enough to stay in a Nemo-themed room. It wasn't majorly themed but it was nice and having the beach and pool right by us were definitely nice even though we didn't have a lot of time to spend at them.

After we got ready, I had managed to somehow get the hotel to send an engineer with an air pump to attempt to pump up the tire of our P&T. Andrew took the kids outside to run around, explore, and enjoy the weather, while I waited in our room for them to arrive. The guy was super nice and he tried his hardest to attach the pump, which can be a huge pain, and finally came to discover that the tire was indeed busted. There was a squarish hole in the tube which was definitely not repairable. He said it looked like something must've been put on it that punctured it. Great. Now our biggest problem was not having a stroller for our trip. We decided to just figure it out once we got to the park. So we headed over to "Port Royale" for some lunch. They had kid's meals that came in a bucket and shovel which was awesome since we obviously didn't bring beach toys. When we were finally ready to leave, we got onto a shuttle for the Magic Kingdom. It took some time for us to actually get our tickets to the parks once we got there though because Andrew forgot to print off the paper for it. The lady was nice though and got on the phone with Travelocity and they were able to fax it over. Finally, we were able to get in the park at around 2 PM. We went in immediately looking to see what we could do about getting a stroller. I saw some umbrella strollers hanging on a rack in one of the outdoor stores towards the entrance and we asked how much it was to a cast member (this is what they call employees in Disney World) passing by and they told us it was a rental. We opted to just go without a stroller that day since it was already almost over and to see how that went.

Now, we were in Disney World during one of their peak seasons: Spring Break. Not exactly pleasant to have the weather so hot during the day (high 80s) with loads of crowds and long lines, especially at the Magic Kingdom. We arrived at the worst time of day. The lines were too long for us for a majority of the rides we were interested in and the weather was definitely not something our bodies were used to yet. We were in constant need of hydration. Isabelle was in and out of sleep almost immediately upon getting into the park and it took awhile but she finally fell asleep, which is the first time she's ever slept in a back carry and the first time she's slept while Andrew's been carrying her since she was a newborn. Last year in Disneyland, I was the one who was able to get her to sleep in the front carry. Since she was asleep, we just wandered around for awhile taking pictures around the castle and trying to decide what we wanted to do. We went through the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House and met up with Heather, Jason, and Kaitlyn to ride Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride. Isabelle woke up from her nap by then, so we waited in the relatively short line to the ride. It was Jadon's first real ride in Disney World and he didn't put up a fight at all. It was nice and it was also funny because he didn't want to ride with Andrew and me. He chose to ride with Jason and Kaitlyn. It was a pretty short wait and it was fun to see the kids enjoying it so much. After that ride, we were all pretty much ready to call it a day. I for one felt very defeated and didn't really feel like it was the "happiest place on Earth" just yet. We left the park and went back to our hotel to eat dinner and tried to get to bed at a decent hour.

Isabelle of course had different plans. Since we forgot that we didn't have a crib until the evening, we decided to try and get her to sleep in our bed again. That didn't work out so well at all. Jadon of course fell asleep pretty quickly, but Andrew and I were up trying to get Isabelle to sleep for awhile. She just wanted to play and Andrew let her play in the dark for awhile thinking she wasn't tired. Well, she must've gotten used to it, because she refused to be rocked to sleep and instead cried every time we tried to get her to sleep. Eventually, Andrew gave up trying and he called for a crib at 11 PM. We ended up having to wait for the crib for over an hour. During that time, Andrew was able to bounce her to sleep but was unsuccessful at laying her in the bed. She woke up every time he attempted. Once the crib came though, I was able to set it up quickly and Andrew was able to lay her in there without her waking up. She slept just fine after that and slept until the morning.
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