Thursday, April 14, 2011

Disney Detour

Since I'm sure you're all enjoying the uber detailed day-by-day posts of Disney World so much, I hope you don't mind taking a bit of a detour and checking out the recent posts on the Sabins' blog here and here.

The first one is of our awesome pedicure trip. I've taken Andrew to get a pedicure once before this trip and he really enjoyed it. He's not afraid to admit that he likes massages and being pampered. The first time he went, I had a gift certificate that had to be spent before it expired and so that was what ultimately got him to go. He liked it all except that it was at a cosmetology school and he happened to be the only one in the group of the three of us that had a girl who wore gloves the whole time. That didn't make him so happy, but he did enjoy the pampering. This time around, Rachel and I had Groupons to this awesome place called The Clique that I had been to once before. I also convinced Andrew to get a Groupon as well. When I first went, I had mentioned to the ladies there that he was a bit embarrassed about the fact that his girl was the only one who wore gloves the whole time. They said that I should bring him there and that they wouldn't wear gloves. It was all very humorous to talk about, but bringing Andrew to get another pedicure wasn't exactly exciting for him. That is until he got there and got to sit in a massaging chair while his feet were being nicely pampered. This is such an awesome place to go to and Andrew really enjoyed it. He got to relax and came out of there with super nice feet.

The second post there is about RowleyCon. If you know who Rowley is, I'm pretty sure that I don't really need to say much else, but if you don't, this was an event of all things Rowley. I wasn't able to attend as much as I wanted to, but Andrew was able to get in lots of gaming time. It was really fun for what I was able to go to and I can't wait until next year when I can actually dress up and compete in more games.

Disney World posts will resume shortly. April is a stressful month for me right now and I can't wait to get back to documenting our trip and moving onto more current events.
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