Thursday, April 7, 2011

Disney World 2011: Day 4

Andrew still wasn't feeling too good from the day before in Hollywood Studios so we decided to stay in this morning and hang out around our hotel. Andrew thinks he might have just had some minor heat exhaustion from when he walked around with Isabelle napping in the carrier out in the afternoon sun the day before. He wasn't feeling too good at dinner the night before so we thought it would be better to stay in and let him and Isabelle take good naps in our room before he got any worse.

We woke up relatively late this morning. I think it was around 10 AM and then we went to Port Royale for some breakfast. We decided today would be the day to take advantage of all the things we had around our hotel since we had been too busy before to do any of it and would likely be too busy for the rest of the trip to do ever do them. When we finished breakfast, we were finally able to rent out a surrey bike to ride around the lake. We had seen several families taking them around the lake and Andrew and Jadon had been wanting to rent one since our first time seeing them. There weren't very many rented out so we had our pick and we got a 2 seater bike with a bench in the front for the kids. It was a golf cart sized thing with a canopy and the kids were buckled in the front so they could see everything. Jadon was luckily seated on the side with the bell. The guy said that Jadon was the designated "people mover" and that he was to ring the bell to tell people in front of us to move out of the our way. Of course, Jadon loved that and he rode the majority of the ride hanging onto the string waiting for us to tell him it was okay to ring the bell. Andrew was seated with the handbrake and I could barely reach the petals at the very edge of my seat so I wasn't of much help. I did help go up the steepest hill there but that was about it. I got pretty sore from that one hill and the seat seemed to bruise my bum the next day.

After returning the bike, we went back to our room to put Isabelle down for a nap. Andrew decided to stay in with her and nap a little while I took Jadon out to the beach to dig in the sand. Jadon had been wanting to play in the sand the whole time we had been there, but he could only do so for a few minutes at a time. He ended up staying in the same spot digging away for over an hour while I sat in the shade reading my book. I was able to pull him away from the sand for lunch since Isabelle and Andrew were still napping and then we went to play in the little pool next to our hotel room. We played there for a little while before we went back to the hotel room to get cleaned up. Isabelle and Andrew were still napping when we got back, but they woke up shortly after we had gotten ready to go out to the parks. They both took a pretty good 3 hour nap which was good for them to catch up on some sleep.

We decided to head over to Epcot again to get some dinner and revisit the countries that we had skimmed earlier. We got Fast Passes to Norway's Maelstrom ride and then went over to the Norwegian bakery to get some food while we waited for our return to come up since it was only a 20 minute wait. We tried their ham and apple sandwich and a couple of their pastries. It was all pretty good and the kids' meal even came with a cool viking hat shaped cookie. Maelstrom was definitely an unexpected ride. It was actually pretty spooky in the beginning, but it turned out to be a lot less thrilling after the initial scare with the troll. Vikings were of course also a part of the ride. Andrew actually really enjoyed this ride and he wanted to come back to it for some reason even though both Isabelle and Jadon closed their eyes during some of it. Like many other Disney rides, this one exited through the gift shop and we had some fun looking through all the different things. Isabelle got attached to a viking hat and we ended up purchasing it to avoid any tantrums. She actually really liked it and wore it around for awhile and even refused to take it off for one of our Photopass pictures.

We went through as many countries as we could more so than we did before and tried out some of the food from a cart in China. They had some really good tea slushes (Mango Oolong and Strawberry Green Tea) that we tried and went back for another day. We took a bunch of pictures with the topiaries around the park. We decided to go into what looked to be a small store in Japan on a whim and went through the doors to discover that it was huge. It went through the whole building and had a bunch of really cool Japanese stuff. We all ended up purchasing some things from this store which was amazing since we really hadn't been spending much on souvenirs up until then. Isabelle picked out a Hello Kitty stuffed animal dressed up as a bunny, Andrew allowed Jadon to pick out an expensive fork lifter you have to build (we have yet to complete building it because it's super complicated and not exactly made for children) and Andrew of course went for the snacks. There was a lot of cool stuff to look through in that store, but I ended up getting some cool rice bowls with cute animations on them. Outside of the store, we went through a Japanese Anime exhibit that we happened to come across again. We initially passed it but then went back to see what it was. It showcased how some classic Japanese legends ended up in mainstream stories. Andrew enjoyed reading through them all while I watched to make sure the kids weren't making a huge mess since they already spilled something that I had to clean up and Isabelle kept wanting to hit the glass. I did however enjoy seeing Mario dressed up as a Raccoon and wanted to get pictures of that since I have a shirt of Raccoon Mario too.

We left the park as the fireworks started and the kids were able to watch some of it while we made our way out before the end of the fireworks. We hoped to make it out before the massive crowd and we were able to get onto a bus pretty quickly when we got to our bus stop.
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