Thursday, July 21, 2011

Attempts at Domestication

I think the title of this post is appropriate for this next segment... I have hardly any skills in the good housewife department. I don't know how to cook and I don't like to clean, but of course, I cook sometimes and I have to clean. Since we want to save money for the future (and because I want to learn useful skills), I've taken up some activities to help with saving money. These activities are obviously leading me onto the domestication path. Whether I can follow this path and actually succeed is another question. Here are a list of my attempts. Look out for updates in the future.

Attempt #1 - I went to a couponing class. There, I said it. I have decided to start couponing. If Extreme Couponing on TLC pops into mind, I don't blame you. That show has given a bad reputation to couponers all over. Personally, I would like to call myself an informed couponer. Yes, I get the Sunday paper now. Yes, I have a couponing binder. I subscribe to the Savvy Shopper Deals newsletter to stay up to date on deals and I also use their "Shopping Wizard" to help me in finding where the best deals are. If you're interested in couponing, let me know. I'd be happy to help or at least refer you to someone who knows what they're talking about. It's been an interested adventure so far. I do enjoy it, although it can be a pain at times, but I can't really complain when I can get things I'd use for free rather effortlessly.

Attempt #2 - We've started doing Bountiful Baskets. If you aren't familiar with BB, check out their site. It's basically a co-op where you can participate to get locally grown produce and fruit. It's cheaper and fresher because they eliminate the middle man (grocery stores) in the process. You sign up each week. Conventional boxes are $15. Organic boxes are $25. You can also add-on the other things available, like breads and fruits. The boxes are 50% vegetables and 50% fruit, but they're different each week and you aren't guaranteed anything, which means you're up for a surprise of produce each week. That can be a fun thing or that can be a pain trying to figure out what to do with something foreign. We've done it for 3 weeks already and it's been pretty good for us. I've been able to expand my very limited cooking skills with the motivation to use all the food before it goes bad. I've been able to make fresh strawberry lemonade, salsa, kale chips, beet salad, cilantro lime butter on corn, and I've even practiced my knife skills by slicing all that fruit each week.

Hopefully, my efforts will pay off in the future. Wish me luck!
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