Monday, July 4, 2011

Disney World 2011: Day 7 and our goodbyes...

Our time in Disney World was amazing. We stayed there a whole week which in most places would be overkill, but it actually was just perfect for us to take in everything Disney World had to offer. We actually could have stayed a bit longer too since there really was more stuff we were never able to do.

On our last day there, we decided to take it easy so we packed up our stuff and checked them with the hotel while we went out to the park one last time. We went to Epcot yet again. It was so conveniently close and we wanted to go through it one last time. We got some more food from the food cart in China and went through the Japanese store to get more goodies before we had to leave to catch our bus to the airport.

One good thing about staying at a Disney hotel is that we get to use the Magical Express to/from the airport and they check in our bags at the hotel. All we had to do was make sure we caught our bus and that was it. We said goodbye to Disney World and made our way home in a much quicker manner than when we first arrived. (i.e. we weren't stuck in security for an hour and then get delayed even more while we waited for others stuck in security to make it to the plane.) Isabelle didn't fare as well on the flight home though and she cried for the last 20 minutes or so. She kept signing and saying "All Done!" and Andrew had to finally pretend that he was going to get up to change her diaper in order for her to stop crying.

Getting home was kind of a bummer. I remember how sad it was to leave Disney World the first time I was there in high school. It was like returning to reality then and it was kind of like that now. Jadon kept telling me weeks afterward that he missed Disney World and how he wished we could go back there. All I could think was, "Me too." Disney World was an amazing trip for all of us and we're definitely going to go back there many more times in the future, but first, we want to visit several other places before we head back there.

This ends our Disney World trip series finally. Thanks for reading if you were able to get through all the details. Now, we'll be moving on to more recent events and I'll update more often.
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