Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tea Party!

I've been a part of a Bunco group for several years now and we just recently started doing themed games. This was my first time hosting since we introduced themes so I was super excited to come up with a theme. A few months before it was even my turn to host, I decided I wanted to do a tea party themed one. How many times does one get to go to a tea party? Not very often.
  For the menu, I tried my best to accommodate a soy-free and gluten-free diet. I wanted to keep it semi-tea party-ish so I opted for a chicken salad wreath, fruit, cupcake bites (courtesy of the brilliant Bakerella), strawberry lemonade, and an assortment of teas. Thank goodness I have a large hot water heater that keeps hot water on hand, because I was able to set out an assortment of tea bags and everyone was able to pick and choose their own teas. I was unaware of how many people were fans of tea, so it was really cool to see everyone really embracing the tea party. The hot water heater was empty at the end of the night so that was a good indication that my tea party was a success.

 The first thing I usually do is go out buying prizes right after I get the money from the game before mine. This time around, I was so picky that I actually had no clue where I could get tea themed prizes so I actually didn't get any prizes until the day before the party. By chance, I happened to drive by the World Market and decided to drop by. They had everything I wanted and more. It was probably only my second visit in two years, but I'll definitely be frequenting that store more often. My prizes consisted of a tea pot, ceramic tea cup with tea strainer insert, a set of ceramic cups, and minteas!

To add to my prizes, I made half aprons for all the winners as well. I found a great tutorial HERE and made aprons for each of the winners and one for Isabelle, of course, which isn't pictured here. I had some major issues with some of them, but they still turned out pretty cute if you didn't look too closely at them.
 All in all, it was a fun night and everyone came dressed perfectly for the occasion. Tea parties should totally come back. I'm thinking I will be planning more tea parties in the future too. It was a great excuse to dress up and I'm all for stepping into a different era for a bit.
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  1. It was all very cute. I love my apron. I'm glad I won one. Thanks for stitching those for us.