Friday, September 28, 2012

Making Use Of Our Backyard Space

This year, Andrew and I went nuts and decided to do a ton of things to our house and yard. It's been a few years since we've been in this house and we finally decided that this would be the year that we're finally going to put some personality into our house. First up was the yard and one of its many projects was doing something with our backyard space. Our backyard is fairly small and we really had to be creative when coming up with a usable space. We decided to remove our dead bushes in the space in the back and put in garden boxes. Looking around online, we came across an easy and affordable tutorial HERE on how to make our very own cedar garden boxes.

We started out with 6 cedar fence pickets per 6 foot box and a bunch of stainless steel screws. Cedar is good for garden boxes because it takes a long time for it to rot and the stainless steel screws were essential so that they wouldn't rust. The screws actually ended up being the most expensive part of each of the boxes which made the price per box actually cost more like $20 instead of the tutorial's $10 per box cost. That number was still fine by us though since we needed custom sized boxes to fit our needs and this is by far less expensive than commercial cedar garden boxes.

We have had less than stellar experience in getting our wood cut at our local home improvement stores so we attempted our first box with cuts made only with our miter saw powered by Andrew. When it took about half the day to make just one box, Andrew's sore and tired arm cried out for a power miter saw. A visit to the local home improvement store proved to be worth it because we were able to get a power miter saw for under $100. Our other two boxes were put together so much faster.

Our garden now.

Our makeshift grape trellis.

Heirloom tomatoes and peppers grew like crazy this year!
This was such an easy project and we're thinking about adding some more boxes to fit into some of our smaller spaces as well. This garden seemed like it might be too small for us at first, but it really has been a great fit for us and they were fun to build too.
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