Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hello Autumn

Autumn is officially here and the weather has fallen suitably. I have to say that I am sad that the summer is gone. It has been a busy summer over here and we didn't get to do everything we wanted to do, but thankfully we have the holidays to look forward to. Here's a wrap up of some things we accomplished this summer:

Isabelle had her birthday at a local gymnastic place.
 Isabelle has finally started growing again. She is very small for her age and we've gone through the tests to make sure it wasn't an underlying issue. We've calorie packed her like crazy and it didn't really do much, but she's finally started growing on her own. She went from being a size for 4 shoe at the beginning of the year to a size 6 shoe now. Her birthday party was held at a local gym and she enjoyed doing the obstacle course the most. Being so independent, she kept wanting to go back there on her own to do the obstacles.

I joined Pinterest and decided to try my hand at canvas art.
 Andrew and I finally took the plunge to paint some walls in our house this year. We've been wanting to do it for awhile but were always so scarred from painting a wall in Jadon's room that we never wanted to attempt it again. (Jadon's wall took several weeks before we finally finished it.) Although we've taken a break, we ended up with a purple wall in the bathroom (where this art is going to hang), a green wall in our main floor, and a play room that has beach inspired walls. We also have several swatches on several walls as well that need to be patched up at some point...

Summer would not be complete without a visit to Lagoon.
 Isabelle has always been the fearless one while Jadon has been the fearful one. This year, Jadon became a lot more adventurous with the rides at Lagoon and Isabelle became more cautious. She went on a ride in Las Vegas's Adventure Dome that scared her like no other so she's been way more afraid since then. Lagoon is always a fun summer tradition for us and we ended up there once this year.

View from the top of the Midway Crater.
 We took my dad up to the Midway Crater for Father's Day this year. It wasn't exactly the ideal time to take a swim in the super warm waters, but he's been wanting to check it out so we thought it was a good time to do it. It wasn't crowded at all and we ended up swimming for longer than our allotted time without any penalty. The walk to the top of the crater involved lots of steps, but it was a really great day to get outside.

We got a dog named Wally!
 Andrew and I have been thinking about getting a dog for some time. We wanted to wait until the kids were a bit older so that we didn't have to care for a baby at the same time. Andrew wanted a dog that he could run with. I wanted a dog that didn't shed very much. After much searching, we were able to narrow down the breeds we would be most interested in. We searched online through the different shelters hoping to find one that would fit our criteria and we did find some, but we ended up with Wally. He's a cock-a-poo: half cocker spaniel, half poodle.

Our first line at Comic-Con.
 Our first trip to Comic-Con was this year and it was awesome. Another post dedicated to Comic-Con will come up at some point, but this is definitely going to be an annual thing if we can get tickets and the funds to go there.
Family vacation to San Francisco.
 We got the chance to head to the Bay Area for a couple weeks this year because of Andrew's work. This was our first family trip to San Francisco. The kids and Andrew had never been there and I haven't been there for 10 years or so. Another post will be dedicated to this trip as well, but this seriously was a different experience for me with kids. Coincidentally, I also had my birthday in San Francisco!

A family wedding!
I love an excuse to have family together! One of my cousins got married this year and we had such a blast with all the visiting family members in town. It was such a beautiful wedding.

Stay tuned for more updates as I'm hoping this will sort of catch me up on everything and get back to writing more current news.
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