Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Comic-Con Chronicles 2013: Piloting

Cast and crew behind Intelligence

One thing that Andrew and I have really come to enjoy is viewing full pilots of new shows before the public at Comic-Con. It's nice because the people behind the show usually come out afterward for a Q&A. It's like Sundance with a Comic-Con twist. Last year, we were able to catch Arrow and we totally loved it which prompted us to watch it when it aired. This year, we paid more attention to the panels for the new shows and made a point to watch the ones we could.

The first one we watched was Intelligence. Andrew was interested in this one because it involved a computer chip implanted into a human's brain. The human was played by Josh Holloway of Lost fame and I guess people were kind of dubbing this new character "Cyber Sawyer." It seemed like a more serious version of Chuck (which was a hilarious show). His character Gabe was a great solider but he was a bit unstable and didn't always follow the rules. It's a wonder why he was chosen to have the chip, but they explain that later in the pilot. The special effects were really good and they set up some interesting things to watch out for. It was a nice surprise for me to see that Michael Rady (who was on Emily Owens, M.D., which I'm so sad is cancelled) in it too. I think Andrew really liked it, but it didn't make the top of our favorites this year.

Star-Crossed cast and crew

It's no secret that I love just about everything cheesy. You'll find no shame here. If it has some sort of love story then I'm usually in and lucky for me Andrew likes some of it (or at least has a tolerance for it). The premise of Star-Crossed is basically a sci-fi version of Romeo and Juliet with Romeo being an alien and Juliet being a human. The aliens land on Earth years before and Roman (played by Matt Lanter) finds shelter and protection in 6 year old Emery's shed (played by Aimee Teegarden whom I totally loved in Prom). They form a special bond in his short stay there before he is found out. Emery grows up thinking he's dead, but when the Atrians (the alien race) attempt to assimilate into her human high school Roman and Emery meet again and the bond they formed when they were young is still there. It's totally CW cheesy and some of the lines were completely laugh out loud ridiculous, but it was overall a great watch. Our friend Rowley deemed this one to be better written than Intelligence. It definitely carries a social commentary along the lines of segregation and prejudice which I found to be interesting for a CW show and they set up some really drama-ful things, but I can't wait to watch it when it comes out.

Almost Human cast and crew

Almost Human was one of the panels that Andrew was super excited to see. He doesn't have a lot of things that are on his must-see list, but this was definitely one that he was really wanting to see and it worked in with our schedule for the day. The pilot itself was really well done. It's set in the future and all human cops are required to have an android partner. Karl Urban plays John Kennex, a human cop, and he's assigned Dorian (played by Michael Ealy). Dorian is an older model of the current androids and he was discontinued because he was too human. Unlike the current models, Dorian has free will and emotions. It's definitely an interesting idea and we'll definitely be tuning into this one when it premiers on Fox. Andrew especially loved seeing Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban from the new Star Trek) show up on the screen and then in person. He did some fan service by saying a ton of Star Trek lines for the audience which we loved. It's nice to see an actor really embrace his obsessive fans. It was pretty awesome.
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