Monday, September 9, 2013

Salt Lake Comic Con 2013: Last Day

I didn't make it back to Comic Con until Saturday which was the last day. Andrew and I were very undecided on whether or not we would be able to drive there and find parking with all the extra people in SLC, but the traffic didn't look abnormal as we drove there so we decided to chance it. From the first day I was there, I knew there was a parking lot around the back of the Salt Palace so we headed there first and we found a parking spot for a flat rate of $8. We arrived around 2 pm and the super nice parking lot attendant said that it was pretty full, but that there were a few people who had left so it seems like we got there at a good time for parking. Getting into the building was another matter. After much walking back and forth and asking different people, we were able to discover the end of the re-admittance line and we learned that the fire marshal had closed down the building due to maxing out capacity. The line for re-admittance wasn't too bad, but the registration line with those who needed to get their wristbands and those who wanted to buy tickets was pretty long. Not long after we got into the right line, someone came out and announced that they would no longer be selling tickets. A bit late in our opinion seeing as how the building was at capacity but what can you do. We only had to wait about half an hour or so before we were able to enter the building.

We made it into the Women in Writing: A Discussion Between Young Adult and Middle Grade Writers panel at 3 pm. It was a relatively small room and it filled up pretty quickly. The authors scheduled to attend were Laura Hickman, Heather Ostler, Ally Condie, Lisa Mangum, Rhiannon Paille, Mette Ivie Harrison, and Jenni James. I'm not familiar with any of their books, but Andrew is familiar with Laura Hickman's husband's books. (Andrew actually was able to meet her husband, Tracy Hickman, at Rowley Con this year and got some of his old books signed.) I had my cousin's daughter, Ellie, along for the day and she coincidentally happened to be a fan of just about every author there. This was a really great panel. I really enjoyed listening to the authors talk about their opinions on women authors and breaking stereotype. Andrew and I are all about gender equality and this panel was right up our alley. I'm not sure who the moderator was, but she had some great questions too. It was also fun to see that Ellie had a panel that she was actually excited about since I made her sit through the Brian Krause panel on the first day. Another fun tidbit from this panel was that Laura Hickman actually introduced her husband to Dungeons and Dragons. That's pretty awesome.

The Doctor and Red Riding Hood

Novels and Short Stories: Which One is a More Effective Use of a Writer's Time? Is This the Right Story to Invest Time and Energy Into? Tips From the Pros was our next panel. Authors included Aaron Johnston, James Dashner, Kevin J. Anderson, Larry Correia, and Richard Paul Evans. It was in another smaller sized room and every seat was filled. We actually all had to split up so we could get into the room. This panel was surprisingly a very interesting panel for us. Andrew and I both aspire to be writers some day so we don't really have a whole lot of specific questions, but this panel was really helpful in gaining more insight to what it is like to be a writer.

Best tenth doctor ever! I was smitten.

We attended the Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Screenplay but Were Afraid to Ask panel for about half of it before we left to meet up with Rachel and Jason. I've always been interested in learning more about screenplays and I finally made it to a panel about it. The one thing I learned from this was that all of the people on the panel highly recommend getting screenwriting software to make life easier. It's probably obvious that this software exists, but I obviously have not looked into anything about screenwriting because I had no idea.

Zuko and Katara with Hello Kitty

Andrew and I also made an effort and dressed up this day. I spent the night before pulling together Andrew's costume very last minute and he dressed as Matt Smith, the eleventh doctor, from Doctor Who. (I did mention that we're currently obsessing over this show right?) I went as Red Riding Hood with a bit of steampunk flair. This Comic Con was full of cosplayers. Those in costume were proportionately larger than it is at San Diego Comic Con which was surprising to us. We wondered how everyone knew to dress up and how everyone happened to have these obscure/intricate costumes lying around. However that all came about, it's pretty awesome that so many came out cosplaying at their first Comic Con.

Whovians were everywhere here and the TARDIS was a big draw

We wandered the exhibit hall a little bit today. It was crowded for sure, but not nearly as crowded as it is in San Diego so we weren't bothered by it. It was a bit ridiculous how the overhead speaker would be announcing lost children back to back though. I kept an eye on Ellie and she never lost me in the crowd, but we did lose Andrew a couple of times. He blames my speed walking through small gaps in the crowd, but Ellie was able to keep up so that must say something. We didn't make it through everything in the hall because the traffic flow wasn't very good, but we did make it out with some shirts and a game plus pictures with the TARDIS! That was pretty much all I wanted anyway so I was happy. With the exhibit hall closing at 7 pm that meant we were only really there for several hours, but I think it was definitely well spent. There were some hiccups with rooms being full, etc, but we attended some great panels and spent enough time in the exhibit hall to fill our Comic Con needs.

Some awesome cosplayers I ran across: Rorschach, scary thing, baby Doctor Who, Loki

Apparently, over 70,000 people attended on the last day which makes this event the largest inaugural Comic Con ever. I'm not sure what they're going to do next year since the Salt Palace cannot hold anymore people, but I hope they will be able to smooth over some of the bumps.
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