Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DIY Yarn Wreath With Felt Flowers Tutorial

My fall wreath

I really wanted a fall wreath to put up on my front door in between my Halloween and Christmas wreaths, but I also didn't want it to be super Thanksgiving-y that I would get sick of it or so I couldn't use it any other time. As much as I love my COFFEE FILTER WREATH, I knew that there was no way I could put it outdoors especially when it was certainly going to get wet and ruined. I looked around at different wreath ideas and finally settled on making a yarn wreath. Google around and you'll find a plethora of inspiration that will get you making different yarn wreaths for every month. (Yes, I might actually end up doing this.)

1, 2, 3... Ta da!

Things you'll need:
  • Styrofoam wreath (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $4.99 and then used my 40% off coupon. This seems to be the standard size that I saw at Joann's too.)
  • Yarn - Various colors if you're doing a multi-color wreath (I had left over skeins of yarn given to me by a friend in yellow and blue/green.)
  • Felt (I used leftover felt in a tan color.)
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick

I didn't take a ton of pictures while making it, but it's pretty straightforward. You'll start by gluing the end of the yarn to the wreath then you'll wrap. I tried to be careful and only wrap one layer around the wreath for a cleaner look, but there's really no wrong way of doing this. When you're done wrapping, hot glue the end down. If you're using multiple colors, you could mark on the wreath the different sections you want so you'll know while you're wrapping, but I just eyeballed it since I just wanted an accent of the blue/green yarn. Hot glue the start and wrap until you've wrapped the wreath completely then hot glue the end down.

Rolled felt flowers

For the felt flowers, there are a variety of ways to make them and you can find some amazingly easy tutorials online. For this wreath, I decided to stick with rolled rosettes. You'll start out with a circle. An imperfect one is perfect because you'll just cut it into a swirly. Start at the outside of the swirl and roll it all up. When you're done, hot glue it to make sure it stays together. You can make different sizes depending on the size of your circle. I made a bunch of different sizes, arranged them on my wreath until I got the look I wanted, then hot glued them in place.

This was a really easy and fun wreath to make. I feel like it is missing something and I was going to add blue/green criss-crossing all around, but Andrew nixed that idea. Not sure what I'll do to spice it up, but it'll do just fine for the time being.
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