Friday, December 27, 2013

Handmade Holiday 2013

This holiday season has really gone by quickly over here. Christmas seemed to come up so fast and I didn't get as prepared as I would've liked, but now it's over and I can relax again. Last year, Andrew and I did our first handmade holiday. We committed to making every gift we were giving for Christmas excluding the gift exchanges and white elephants that required a certain budget. We started pretty early and we were able to get everything we wanted made fairly easily. The whole idea of doing everything handmade was to help keep us from overspending so we wouldn't completely blow our budget which worked out well. This year, we were so stressed out and started too late that we decided handmade wasn't going to be realistic for every gift. We supplemented some store bought gifts with homemade and vice versa and I think we finally found a good compromise. I have been pretty much doing this all year with most gifts anyway so it only seemed natural now. Here's a round up of my favorite gifts this year.

Homemade vanilla extract

For the neighbor and family gifts, we made some vanilla extract from Sweet Anna's recipe HERE. It was super easy to make and it pumped out a ton of bottles that we'll definitely be keeping around for the future. When it came time to decorate the bottles, I was able to find a great free printable and decorating idea HERE. Together, they made the best looking gift that I was proud to hand out.