Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sundance 2014: The Double and The Signal

The Double

For the past few years, Andrew and I have attended the Sundance Film Festival through the kindness of the the Sabins (who go through the ticket buying process which can be very tricky) and this year was no different. Every year, we look through all the selections and we make up our own lists before comparing lists and narrowing down the options. After all that, we rank them and give our list to the Sabins with fingers crossed. When we heard what films we got, we were completely surprised to get our first choice: The Double.

Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska, this very dark comedy was an interesting watch. Eisenberg plays two very different personalities which I enjoyed seeing and I loved the different cameos including my fave one by Chris O'Dowd. Andrew really enjoyed analyzing the film to try to understand what was going on. Maybe because it's based on a Russian author's novella published back in the 1800s, but Andrew and I didn't agree on our interpretations of it although we still enjoyed watching it.

The Signal

The Signal was close to last on our final list so we were both kind of surprised that we got tickets to it. I was personally drawn toward this still picture of the movie while I'm sure Andrew loved the hacking sci-fi thriller aspect. Either way, the description definitely sounded intriguing and we went into the movie with very little expectations. I was absolutely in awe of the movie throughout because it was wonderfully shot. Not a huge surprise after learning that the director started out as a cinematographer. This movie had lots of twists and turns and I have to admit that I closed my eyes through some of the spookier parts (I hate anything remotely scary), but it was well worth a watch. The Q&A with the director after the movie left us with a lot to think about too and we ended up thinking about this for days afterward. We can't wait to see this movie again to catch more of the small details that we missed the first time around.

Sundance Film Festival at the Tower Theatre

For anyone who wants to catch some Sundance films next time around, definitely look into getting tickets at the Salt Lake City theaters. You'll be able to get the indie experience without the massive crowds in Park City. A tip for going to Sundance is to get in line early. Even if you have a ticket, you are not guaranteed a seat since VIPs get to fill the seats first. We usually aim to arrive 45-60 minutes early and we haven't had any trouble in finding seats. A lot of people wish they could go to Sundance, but I don't think they realize that it's really just the cost of the ticket that gets you to Sundance. The cost is higher than a regular movie ticket, but you're also more likely to catch a Q&A with the cast and/or crew which is priceless. 
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