Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gone (Ice) Fishin'

Our ice fishing group.

We went ice fishing for the first time ever with Andrew's family this month. It was an idea that was floating around and Andrew's dad put it into motion. I didn't know much about ice fishing except that you fish through a hole in the ice on top of a frozen lake, but after going this one time, I feel like it is a lot easier of a hobby that I originally thought. Andrew's dad rented the ice fishing shelter which no one seemed to use much. The shelter is only really big enough for you to step inside to warm up a bit before going back to your fishing hole. Next time around, we could easily skip this if we were only going for a couple hours.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Weekend in Great Basin Nat'l Park

An old building we found along the way

Last year, another of our road trip excursions included a trip to Great Basin National Park in Nevada. It was a few hours away and we had the opportunity to take some roads that we don't normally travel on which provided an interesting drive even though we discovered that there was absolutely no food options for hours. (We ended up backtracking to civilization to grab one last fast food meal before heading off into the unknown.) Because we've never visited before, we were unsure how secluded it would be, but we did discover that the visitor center at Great Basin has a great cafĂ© with great food and ice cream options which we took advantage of.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

DIY Minecraft Birthday Party

Jadon has been obsessed with Minecraft ever since he discovered it so it wasn't surprising when he decided that he wanted to have a Minecraft-themed party. With a couple weeks to plan everything, this was the first time I found Pinterest to be really useful. I spent a day browsing online and pinned a ton of different great Minecraft ideas on THIS BOARD. Since this was going to be hosted at home, we were able to really "splurge" and go all out in with the theme while keeping it pretty inexpensive compared to past birthday parties.

First things first, we sent out invitations using these FREE TEMPLATES I found online. I downloaded free fonts (Minecraftia and Minecrafter) to use on all the paper goods for the party so I was able to print and send these invites with the recognizable pixelated fonts. I also had some lime green envelopes on hand for the invites which looked great. I also ended up using the free printable tented food cards to print my own food items.