Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Snowshoeing Adventure

Andrew and I went to Eden, UT again this year with our friends for a couple nights of relaxation and gaming. Last year, we went snowboarding at Powder Mountain which I absolutely loved, but this year we decided to take it easy instead. We didn't originally plan on any snowshoeing but we felt up to it that day so we decided to give it a try. With all the winter activities around here, neither of us had been before so it was going to be a nice adventure. 

Ogden Nordic center and the views.

We rented snowshoes at a local store where they pointed us to the Ogden Nordic center. There was a small fee to go here versus free trails by the ski resorts. We opted to go here because we were sold when we learned that they serve hot cocoa afterward. We also found out they also rent snowshoes here for a decent price too so next time we could just rent here to save us some trouble. 

Having lunch at a nearby picnic table.

Heading up on the trail, it took us several minutes to get accustomed to the huge snowshoes. The novelty of walking on the snow wore down pretty quickly though since it was a lot more tiresome to walk with the snowshoes than without. It also didn't help when we were heading back and we saw a couple of people walking just fine in regular boots on the trail. Half the group (us and Adam) didn't make it to the top, but we did get to a good lookout point where we stayed and took some pictures before turning around. We weren't very smart about planning ahead so we didn't have a room key when we got back to the center. It was a nice day to sit out there and drink our cocoa while we waited for the rest of the group to come back, but temperatures dropped pretty quickly when the sun started to set behind the mountains so we went to hang out in the car instead. Adam read to Andrew and me while I napped off and on. (I was just getting over a cold so I was pretty tired. It had nothing to do with the book even though it seemed like it.) The book Adam was reading to us was one of his favorites and he was dying to introduce it to Andrew. Andrew ended up getting very interested and got the audio book from the library to finish it off. It was called The Diamond Age.

Great lookout point where we loaded up on pictures.

All in all, I don't know how much snowshoeing Andrew and I will continue to do, but visiting the Nordic center did spark Andrew's interest in cross-country skiing again. We loved the pricing at the Nordic center so we'll definitely bring the kids back some day to try some activities out. We're thinking that cross-country skiing might be a good introduction to skiing for them since it's a lot more low-key of a sport and definitely a lot cheaper. Staying up in Eden for the weekend was fun, but we definitely were happy to come home.
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