Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rockport State Park: Sun, Water, and Sand

The beach and reservoir only minutes away from our campsite

This year hasn't been as jam packed with camping trips as last year, but we still managed to squeeze in one more tent camping trip with the Rowleys and Sabins in between everything else we had going on during the summer. This time, we went to Rockport State Park which is about 30 minutes northeast of Park City, Utah. Our campsites were at Cedar Point which gave us direct access to a semi-private beach which was perfect for the kids to dig in the sand and play in the water all day long.

Sand and water can keep kids busy for a long time

We reserved three sites in the Cedar Loop, but ended up only using two of them for our group's three tents. One had easy access to the beach and the other was at the top of the hill with an amazing view. Although the sites were a little bit of a hike in, the wheelbarrows provided definitely helped carry all of our gear in and out. The site with direct access to the beach was the hardest to get into since it was downhill, but the perks definitely made it worth it.

Thanks to the Sabins, the WaveRunners were a huge hit

For the majority of the trip, we were out at the beach with the kids too. Andrew and I brought our canopy to use for shade on the beach so we were all able to relax while the kids played. One morning, the Sabins rented WaveRunners and we all took turns taking them out. This was the first time Jadon, Isabelle, and I have ever been on one and it was really fun.

The view from the top of the hill

Rockport has definitely been one of my most favorite camping spots we've been to. We had a chance to go geocaching (which was not as entertaining as the state park sponsored ones at Wasatch) and the beach provided lots of fun that the kids never tired of. Who knew there was this nice beach right outside of Salt Lake City? We'll definitely be back again.
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