Monday, November 10, 2014

Yellowstone in August

Road trip to Yellowstone

Our last summer trip of the year was a family trip with the Sabins and Andrew's parents to Yellowstone National Park, but you'd never know it was an August trip from the pictures. We were prepared for cold weather, but it definitely dipped lower than we expected which prompted all of us to purchase extra gear to keep us warm on our all day outings. We were also extremely happy that we opted for cabins rather than tents. Andrew's dad warned us that camping there most of the year was pretty miserable so we booked our cabins well ahead of time in the Old Faithful area. It was a cozy cabin with room for two single beds, a nightstand, a desk and chair, a sink, and that's about it. Even though it was pretty tiny for our family of four, we were grateful for the heating at night.