Sunday, February 15, 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con: Year 2

Awaiting the panel to begin in their largest room.

(I'm so behind on blogging so I'm playing catch up. This has been sitting unpublished for weeks so I finally just finished it off to publish.)

Since I can't get enough geekery and cons, we went to yet another convention last year. This time, it was Salt Lake Comic Con which was held September 4-6, 2014. This was their 2nd convention and we had hopes that this time around would be better organized. Although there were some snags and disappointments, we had a great time enjoying the awesome geekiness so close to home.

The massive line for registration.

On Thursday, I attended alone hoping to get some panels and exhibit floor wandering in, but I ended up spending the majority of my time waiting in the registration line. With it winding outside around the building and then inside in an endless queue, I ended up waiting in that registration line for almost 4 hours. It was kind of my own fault that I ended up there (I had preregistered, but then I decided to switch to upgraded tickets that required registration and then Andrew also decided to come along after Leonard Nimoy was announced.) but how was I to know that I basically signed up for the registration line when I decided to register that day.

The exhibit floor

Bill Daily and Barbara Eden

Stan Lee

Friday was definitely a more productive day. I was able to see Manu Bennett's panel which I enjoyed. I had no idea what else he was in outside of Arrow before this panel. I loved hearing his funny stories and he just seemed to be a very nice, genuine guy.

The whole family went to Comic Con on Saturday. Saturday's schedule was jam packed with so many amazing guests that they definitely pulled us in. We weren't originally going to go on Saturday because we had a family wedding the same day, but we were able to fit it in between events. We missed some of the panels I wanted to see earlier in the day, but we still managed to see the last of the I Dream of Jeannie panel as well as Stan Lee and Leonard Nimoy's panels. All were really good, but I would have to say that Leonard Nimoy's Skype call was pretty hilarious.

Here's Manu Bennett showing us how his audition for Arrow went:

Leonard Nimoy opened his Skype call with a song as seen below:

Our day at Comic Con was fun because we got to see people we hadn't seen before although the kids weren't as interested. They kept busy with their electronics and were semi-entertained as we walked through the exhibit floor though. Andrew and I didn't get a chance to dress up this time around (outside of our morning wedding attire) which Andrew didn't miss, however, it was rather comical that we changed into our evening wedding attire in the parking garage before heading off. Overall, fitting in several hours at Comic Con was a nice way to spend our free hours that day.

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