Monday, March 30, 2015

October Traditions

Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point

October is probably one of our family's most favorite months of the year. Each year, it's filled with visits to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point, Halloween activities, and other family traditions. We don't have a lot of family traditions, but we definitely have a lot in October that the kids always look forward to. We always start off our October festivities with a visit or two to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. They usually have some discount passes online and we always grab those. It's held every October which means our kids are asking year round when October is coming because it means it's time for Cornbelly's. We have been going to this event since before we had Isabelle and we continue to go even though Andrew and I have grown a little tired of it. They have all sorts of fun activities for the kids as well as corn mazes. I doubt they'll grow tired of it any time soon since it's basically a giant playground for them.

Annual pumpkin picking and painting

Pumpkin picking at the local pumpkin patch is also another great past time. We have fun going through the rows of pumpkins and letting the kids pick out their perfect pumpkin. This year, Jadon was restless until he found the perfect one which took awhile and he eventually found one as the sun set. At home, we paint some of our pumpkins. We've tried pumpkin carving many times in the past, but it's always so messy and the kids can't really do it. This has been our second year painting them and the kids have a blast having creative freedom over their pumpkins.

Doctor Who themed Halloween

We start planning out our Halloween costumes as early as possible so we can get started on making them. In the past, they've usually picked out oddball things which is why we start early. (Check out or previous Halloween costumes HERE.) This year, Jadon decided he wanted to be Doctor Who (even though he had never seen an episode of it) and Isabelle followed suit when she decided to be a red Dalek.

Andrew and I were really slow this year to decide on costumes. We originally were going to go as Captain America in his winter soldier outfit and Black Widow, but I couldn't wrap my mind around how to make his costume and the costume we attempted to order online ended up never showing up. At the last minute, we decided to complete the Doctor Who theme with the kids. Andrew ended up as Rory in his centurion outfit and I was Amy Pond in her police outfit. (I'll be posting how I did the costumes in a later post.)

One of the main reasons we are consistent with costumes each year is because of the annual Sabin Halloween Party. Andrew's sister and brother-in-law have been throwing this bash for longer than I've been around and they always go all out. The kids look forward to this party every year and they have so much fun playing all the games and activities. This year, they each took home a prize from the costume contest. Isabelle won 1st place while Jadon won 2nd place in the kids' division.

The Sabin party was even more amazing with the addition of the Mouse Trap food truck.

We had another amazing October this year. It'll be fun to see how our traditions evolve as years go on. This year, we'll definitely be keeping many of our old traditions and perhaps throw in some new ones as well.
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