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My Stitch Fix #3 - June Review

Stitch Fix June Review
My Stitch Fix #3 - June Review

I have been (im)patiently awaiting this month's Stitch Fix since my last Fix and I couldn't have been happier when I saw it sitting on my front porch. Even though I've only had two boxes before this one, I have been really loving the pieces I've kept each month. I only have two pieces (the blazer and the dolman top) thus far, but these two pieces have quickly become some of my favorite things to wear. I love that they've quickly become staples in my wardrobe and I couldn't wait to see what summer staples I would get this time around.

Recap on how it works:
1) Fill out your Style Profile and schedule your first Fix.
2) Use your Pinterest board to your advantage! Pin what you love/hate and make notes. (Check out my board HERE.)
3) Get your Fix in the mail and decide what to keep and what to send back in the prepaid envelope.
4) Make notes on what you loved/hated in the Fix so your stylist knows for your next Fix.
5) Use the $20 stylist fee toward anything in the box. Keep it all and get 25% off everything.

I loved last month's Fix so much that I decided to request the same stylist in hopes that she will really hone in on my style. Jessee did an amazing job once again this month. I kept my settings at "cheaper is better" and I was very excited to see what she picked for me this time.

Stitch Fix Market & Spruce Russell Front Tie Knit Tank
Stitch FIx Market & Spruce Russell Front Tie Knit Tank
Market & Spruce - Russell Front Tie Knit Tank

This Market & Spruce is my least favorite piece this month. I'm not a super preppy girl so this front tie, collar, and thin horizontal stripes are definitely not something I would usually wear. (I felt like I should be wearing some Ked's and going to a clam bake in this outfit.) Although it is comfortable and fit me reasonably well, I am definitely passing on this. $48 (size small)

Stitch Fix Sweet Grey Abbots Knit Top
Stitch Fix Sweet Grey Abbots Knit Top
Sweet Grey - Abbots Knit Top

I was really excited when I pulled this Sweet Grey top out of the box. I love the colors and the back seam detail and I could definitely picture this with leggings, skinny jeans, and tucked into a skirt. The fabric is perfect for summer too. I love it, but it's a tiny bit too big so I'll have to see if this will work for me or not. Either way, this is a contender. $54 (size small)

Stitch Fix Pixley Fairchild Seam Detail Top
Stitch Fix Pixley Fairchild Seam Detail Top
Pixley - Fairchild Seam Detail Top

This Pixley top is super cute. I can be picky when it comes to patterns, but I loved this pattern the second I saw it. I love the colors and the seam detail is really nice to help break it up. I also love that the seam detail is continued on the back. This is a great summery top with the light material, but I could also see this with a cardigan in the fall. I do wish it was a bit more fitted, but that's obviously my problem and something I can change in my Style Profile for my next Fix. $54 (size small)

Stitch Fix Papermoon Charissa Skirt
Stitch Fix Papermoon Charissa Skirt
Papermoon - Charissa Skirt

This exclusive for Stitch Fix is exactly why I LOVE Stitch Fix. I've been wanting a midi skirt for awhile now. (It's all over my Pinterest board.) But I already have a couple that I just don't wear because it's too dressy for every day. This midi skirt is what I've been missing in my life. I never knew a pleated knit midi skirt even existed, but I already know this will be one of my favorite Stitch Fix pieces ever. It fits perfectly on my natural waist and hits my calf. The fabric is so soft that I know this is comfy enough to wear every day. It is also cute and classy enough to dress up. Thanks to my stylist and Stitch Fix for this awesome find. $58 (size XS)

Stitch Fix Level 99 Darla Cargo Short
Stitch Fix Level 99 Darla Cargo Short
Level 99 - Darla Cargo Short in light blue

This is my first pair of shorts from Stitch Fix. I really like the material which is tencel. They fit really well and I like the length of them. The color isn't one I would normally pick out myself, but you can see that these shorts work really well with all of the tops I got this month. These are definitely a contender. $78 (size 0)

Stitch Fix June Review
1. Return 2. Contender 3. Contender 4. Contender 5. Contender

This month has been the best Fix I've gotten so far. I could really see myself keeping 4/5 of the pieces, but alas, my budget only allows for one. If the Sweet Grey (#2) and Pixley (#3) tops fit me better, I would be very tempted to keep one of those ones. I'll have to re-think my sizing and go edit my Style Profile so I don't have this problem again. (I have a thing about having too tight of clothes which is why I try to size up rather than down and it obviously backfired on me this month.) The shorts are bit too pricey for me as well so I'm going to return those. The keeper this month is definitely the Papermoon Charissa Skirt. I am in love and I cannot wait to incorporate this into my wardrobe.

*Update: If you decide to keep the Charissa Skirt, be aware that the skirt does not do well with regular washing. My skirt accidentally went through the washer and dryer which ruined the pleat and made it shrink. Stitch Fix was incredibly great and handled my situation wonderfully.

If you're interested in trying out Stitch Fix, I'd appreciate it if you clicked through my referral link to fill out your Style Profile. Even if you don't sign up now, the Style Profile is a great way to learn more about your style. Thank you!
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