Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sundance 2018 | Juliet Naked and Damsel

The director of Juliet, Naked during Q&A.

Sundance. It's the one thing that I look forward to every January. Every year we have a system to pick our top choices and then we hope for the best. This was the first year I was in the waiting room hoping to purchase tickets. Although it was a bit of a wait, it was pretty easy once I got in. Some of the top picks were already sold out by the time I got in, but one of our top picks was still in the running so we grabbed it along with another top choice. With two films to attend, this was one of our most laid back years yet.

Monday, February 26, 2018

2017: The Year of Travel | Los Angeles & Disneyland

Off on another trip! This time to Los Angeles.

We planned a trip to the Los Angeles area in the spring to take advantage of the kids' school break. We aren't super familiar with the area even though we've been a number of times, but we managed to cram in as much as we could in the 4 days we were there. With 2 of those days dedicated to Disneyland and Universal Studios, the rest of our time here was pretty leasurely.

Friday, February 23, 2018

2017: The Year of Travel | Seattle & Portland

2017 was deemed the year of travel right from the start. It was full of adventures and our biggest travel year to date. We started the year in Seattle and Portland, spent the the kids' school breaks in Los Angeles and traveling the east coast (Boston, NYC, Philly, DC), took the kids on their 2nd trip to San Diego Comic Con, celebrated my birthday in Disneyland, and followed Andrew to a conference in San Francisco. There was even more traveling happening when I went to more places because of my Posh business including Costa Rica, New Orleans (where Andrew also tagged along), and Las Vegas.

Because I haven't been very good at keeping up the blogging, I figured a series of catch up posts were in order to sum up the trips. It was an epic year full of travel which included 5 family flights, 14 states visited, and a renewed sense of wanderlust as we get into 2018.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Estelle Ponte Jacket | #SewMyStyle2018

My first make for the Sew My Style project is complete and I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out! I'm not very experienced with sewing with knits so it was a bit scary to delve into this pattern and material, but it turned out to be a very straight forward process after I figured out how to read the instructions. I've been very deliberate in focusing more of my energy and time on things that I enjoy doing and this challenge was exactly what I was looking for. With my first make complete, I can't wait to get started on making more clothing for myself and pushing outside my comfort zone.