Monday, March 12, 2018

A Geeky Valentine's Day Dress

With making apparel heavily on my mind, this dress is where it all started. Isabelle picked out the two fabrics herself and insisted on having both of them in one dress. I searched online to find the perfect pattern and stumbled into a rabbit hole of independent designers and patterns, including the one I used for this dress: Clara by Violette Field Patterns. This isn't my first PDF pattern, but it definitely is what helped me fall back into the sewing world.

The Clara dress had me at the ruffled bodice. I convinced Isabelle to do the heart candy fabric in the bodice and the Star Wars Valentine's fabric in the skirt which worked out perfectly with the amount of fabric I purchased. To apease her desire to have the hearts fabric in the skirt, I also added a ruffle to the skirt hem.

With a matching bow to complete the look, this was the perfect dress for the daddy/daugher dance. Isabelle had the time of her life with the photo booth, dinner, and dancing and we can't wait for the next one! Make your own matching bow with THIS tutorial.

After completing this dress, I've been sucked into the sewing world and I am super excited to have found this hobby once again. Stay tuned with even more sewing projects to come. If you want to join me on this sewing adventure, be sure to follow this blog, leave me a comment, and find me on Instagram!
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