Friday, December 14, 2018

Top Nine of 2018

My Instagram feed had a huge increase in sewing projects this year so it was no surprise to see that my top nine posts were all sewing related. The amount of interaction and engagement on these was really amazing and I thought it'd be fun to go over each of the makes in more detail since I've been slacking on the blog posts.

Here are the patterns for each of the makes in the photo above:
Top row: 1. Fringe Dress 2. Boundless Dress. 3. Boundless Dress.
Middle row: 4. Suki Kimono. 5. Kalle Shirt. 6. York Pinafore.
Bottom row: 7. York Pinafore. 8. Boundless Dress. 9. Tea House Dress.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Year Of Sewing: Reflecting Back on 2018

Even though I’ve been sewing intermittently for years, this year’s choice to delve into the sewing world and sew myself a handmade wardrobe has been a game changer. My 2017 new year’s resolution to do more of what makes me happy made me take a look at sewing, sewing more in general as well as more for myself. I didn’t have any immediate goals or expectations for where it would take me, but being proactive has pushed me further than I could’ve dreamed and I’m really excited to reflect on everything I’ve accomplished this year.