Friday, December 14, 2018

Top Nine of 2018

My Instagram feed had a huge increase in sewing projects this year so it was no surprise to see that my top nine posts were all sewing related. The amount of interaction and engagement on these was really amazing and I thought it'd be fun to go over each of the makes in more detail since I've been slacking on the blog posts.

Here are the patterns for each of the makes in the photo above:
Top row: 1. Fringe Dress 2. Boundless Dress. 3. Boundless Dress.
Middle row: 4. Suki Kimono. 5. Kalle Shirt. 6. York Pinafore.
Bottom row: 7. York Pinafore. 8. Boundless Dress. 9. Tea House Dress.

Fringe Dress from Chalk & Notch

This was a #sewmystyle2018 pattern for September and I had been waiting all year to make it. The fabric is a Birch Fabric double gauze I got from Spun Honey Fabrics. I contemplated making it a full dress at first because I didn't expect it to be so bright in person, but am so glad I did! The pattern was fun to work through and now I know why everyone's been raving about it. I've only made one so far, but I would love to make more in the future in both the top and dress variations.

Boundless Dress from Patterns for Pirates

I've had a knit maxi dress on my wishlist for years, even before I decided to make a handmade wardrobe. There are a lot of different patterns out there, but I ultimately chose the Boundless because it has a ton of great options. This fabric is a double brushed poly from Spun Honey and another bold print that I wasn't sure I'd love until I completed it. This didn't fit me as well as I would like so I decided to size up with my next try.

Boundless Dress from Patterns for Pirates

With my second try at the Boundless, I ended up with this beautiful dress. I used another double brushed poly I got from Spun Honey. (I'm in her Facebook group and I went a little crazy so a lot of my fabrics are from her.) I sized up and did the higher neckline in the back which really made all the difference in fit. I also did a lot better with the gathering here which made me really happy.

Suki Kimono from Helen's Closet

This was another pattern for #sewmystyle2018. I made this early on in June and loved it so much that I made a mini version for Isabelle. I decided to follow Helen's hack for a cover up instead of doing the original pattern which made this a great lightweight summer layer, but I really want to make the robe at some point in the future. The fabric is a rayon from Hobby Lobby.

Kalle Shirt from Closet Case Patterns

This was my second make for #sewmystyle2018 and has ended up being the pattern I've used most this year. I am not usually a button up person, but this pattern is just too comfortable and sophisticated to ignore. This shirt was my first try at the pattern with a flannel from Joann. Full blog post on my experience is HERE.

York Pinafore from Helen's Closet

The York Pinafore is my most worn pattern this year. The second I saw it was released, I knew I needed it and it has not disappointed. This one is my first try at the pattern with a linen blend from Joann I had leftover from a previous project. I love how quick yet satisfying it is and I ended up making 2 more that I wore all summer long.

York Pinafore from Helen's Closet

This York Pinafore was made by using the gathered skirt hack on Helen's blog. I totally forgot to add pockets so that is the only thing I'd change on this make, but that didn't stop me from wearing it so much. I made it using a linen blend from Joann. My favorite (and most worn York Pinafore) actually didn't even make my top nine so I will definitely get a blog post dedicated to this pattern soon.

Boundless Dress from Patterns for Pirates

I think Instagram really likes knit maxi dresses, because this dress made the top 9 again. People aren't kidding when they say anything made with DBP is like wearing secret pajamas. This dress paired with a jacket from my closet was one of my favorite fall looks, because I felt so put together with very little effort.

Tea House Dress from Sew House 7

This is actually the second Tea House Dress I made. I made it for my sister from a Robert Kaufman floral chambray (again purchased from Spun Honey). I do have other pictures of this posted, but the one with my sister jumping was a favorite. She's actually been able to wear this a ton and always gets compliments so it's been another favorite make of mine this year.

I hope this was fun to see more about my top nine posts of 2018! There have been a lot of really fun makes (and misses) this year, even more than what I've posted, and I can't wait to catch up on them. If there's something you've seen on my feed and would love more info on, just let me know!
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